Customer Testimonials

Home Performance


The insulation was pumped into the walls throughout the perimeter and up in the attic. There were no outward signs of any of the work inside or outside of the home ... I was very impressed by the efficiency of the crews!

Patrick Bramwell, Amityville, NY


They know their job, they did a terrific job... I am very satifisfied with the conversion and the insulation. It's a pleasure to come home now! 

David & Betty Skinner, Hempstead, NY


When I open my front door I feel a vacum. I can actually feel that my house is sealed now... I recommend Powersmith to all my family and friends!

Kim Valente, West Babylon, NY


The walls are fully insulated, the ceiling is fully insulated. They just did a really good job! 

Bishop Talbert , Wyandanch, NY


After the first day they left after doing the work I could feel a difference... I had a very good experience with powersmith — I couldn't be happier! 

Herb Bethel, Deer Park, NY


Since doing the work, my oil bill has gone way down... I recommend Powersmith to anyone and everyone! 

Eva Crews, Amityville, NY


They were professional from day 1. Their crews addressed all my needs... It was like moving into a completely new house after the work was completed. 

Alex Goodman, Babylon, NY


I noticed a tremendous change in my powerbill. I wasn't burning as much heat as before and noticed a considerable difference. 

Michelle Richards, Wheatley Heights, NY


We no longer walk on cold floors — it's such a pleasure to know that the house is insulated now and so quiet... They were prompt and made sure I was a happy customer before they left the home. They left it spotless! 

Margo and Eric Shuff, Amityville, NY


They were very neat, respectful and professional. I would recommend Powersmith home energy solutions to anyone wanting to make their home more comfortable. 

Leslie Vaughn-Wilson, Wheatley Heights, NY

Heating & Cooling


They said they would be in and out in a day and they kept to their word. Everything they told us they were going to do they did... Neat, clean and professional!

Alice Restivo & Dan Kirk - Oil to Gas, Hicksville, NY


Powersmith did job from the roof to the basement: heating system, hot water, air conditioning, and a fully insulated attic... I am very happy with all the service!

Helen Keller, Greenlawn, NY


They are a crew and a company that you can trust and count on... I've been singing their praises to everybody, all the time! 

Julie Caldwell, Bay Shore, NY


Once the summer came along, we noticed that the air conditioning was coming on no where near as much as it had been before and the house was still staying cool. 

Derrick Campbell, West Babylon, NY


The house is much warmer than it was... We haven't needed to put the heat on yet! 

Valerie & Eddie St Bernard, Deer Park, NY


The house is quieter — we don't hear the pipes rattling as the heat turns on. Also, we've found there is a lower usage of heating oil and electricity... Definitely look into what Powersmith can do for you!

Ken & Marilyn Lang, Amityville, NY

Energy Audits


They spent the whole time checking out our house from top to bottom, every seam and window — they didn't miss anything! It wasn't like any other experience I've had with a company. I would definitely recommend Powersmith! 

Dan Kirk & Alice Restivo - Home Energy Audit, Hicksville, NY


They care for your house as if it were their own. And the difference? It's like night and day... Definitely a 10 of a 10! It's unlike another other contractor experience I've ever had before. 

Joe & Yvonne Branch, West Babylon, NY


I was rather shocked in the morning, they came with a whole caravan of trucks and a very large tech crew... The whole team worked together very well. And, they did all of this work in one day!

Dr. Philip Stein, Centerport, NY


They did the assessment of the whole house, and then came back with the infrared and showed me exactly where we were losing energy... You can tell right away that they are really enthused about what they are doing! 

John Simpkins, West Babylon, NY


To the intial assessment to the work, these guys are professional... Overall, if I had another house I would have Powersmith come do work. 

Craig Braswell, West Babylon, NY


From the very first day, the first person I met was absolutely great. He went through the audit with me and what to expect... Everything was done in one day! 

Deneka Alexander, Wyandanch, NY

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