Solar FAQs

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Solar FAQs

Q: Will solar work on my house, even if it's not south-facing?

A: Yes. While it is true that a south-facing roof is an ideal location for solar panels, it is not a requirement for an effective home solar system. There are a wide range of options available today for homes of all types, regardless of roof slope and orientation.

Q: How much does a solar PV array cost?

A: The price of a solar PV array can range widely, depending on many factors - particularly the size of the system. However, with Powersmith's industry leading lease and financing options, you can have your own solar system for little to no upfront costs.

Q: What happens during the free in-home solar consultation?

A: During Powersmith's free in-home solar consultation, we will discuss the various options that are available for setting up a solar PV array on your home, from sizing and installation details to financing and rebate options. Since every building is different, we work carefully with our customers to make sure we're choosing the best option for a particular home and homeowner, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Q: Is solar a reliable electricity source? 

A: Yes. With a home solar system on Long Island today, there's no need to worry about whether a cloudy day will render your home powerless. Our grid-tied systems allow you to take advantage of the grid when it's convenient, and sell excess power back to the utility when your system is producing excess electricity.

Q: How large does my solar array need to be?

A: The optimal size for a home solar system depends on a number of factors including the home's electricity needs, roof slope and orientation, and more. During our free in-home solar consultation, we will walk you through the steps that determine how your solar system should be sized in order to make sure your array is just right for your home and your electricity needs.

Q: Do solar panels reduce property value?

A: No. A solar array on your house will increase your home's property value in the vast majority of instances. As more and more homeowners and homebuyers become attuned to the value of solar, demand for homes with solar systems has increased.

Q: How does snow affect solar system performance?

A: In most cases, snow is not an impediment to optimal solar performance. While snow may temporarily disrupt the generation of electricity when it covers a panel, modern solar systems are designed so that snow slides off quickly and completely, leaving the panel free to produce electricity with minimal interruption.

Client Testimonials

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They know their job, they did a terrific job... I am very satifisfied with the conversion and the insulation. It's a pleasure to come home now! 

David & Betty Skinner, Hempstead, NY

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After the first day they left after doing the work I could feel a difference... I had a very good experience with powersmith — I couldn't be happier! 

Herb Bethel, Deer Park, NY

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