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Take Control of Your Energy

For far too many years, solar electricity has been too expensive, costly to maintain, and impractical for most Long Island homeowners. Not anymore. With breakthroughs in panel technology and a range of new lease and financing options, getting solar for your home has never been easier. At Powersmith, we are thrilled to offer you full solar services that maximize your return, eliminate your risks, and provide you with clean solar electricity that costs less than what you currently pay your utility company! The time has come for you to take control of your energy — let Powersmith show you how.

 Why Solar?

Solar PV is a proven technology that delivers clean electricity to your home year round. Today's panels are attractive, require little maintenance, and are easily installed on any south, west or east facing roofs. With solar you have the unique opportunity to reduce your environmental impact, and pay less each month in utility bills. 

Benefits of a home solar lease* from Powersmith include:
  • Guaranteed electricity production
  • Locked-in electricity rate
  • Zero maintenance and risk
  • No upfront cost options
  • Monthly cost savings
  • Increased home value
  • Reduced environmental impact

*Powersmith also offers a range of financing options for Long Island residents who want the benefits of solar ownership.

Get Started

Interested in a solar system for your home? Call  (631) 647-4701 today to schedule your FREE in-home solar consultation. We'll determine the solar potential for your home and help you find the lease or finance option that works best for you and your family! 

Solar FAQs

Q: Will solar work on my house, even if it's not south-facing?

Q: How much does a solar PV array cost?

Q: What happens during the free in-home solar consultation?

Find our the anwser to these common questions and more!

Take Control of Your Energy!

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