Oil to Gas Special

$250 Off Oil to Gas Conversions

Daunted by the thought of another year paying for expensive oil for your home heating? There is another option…

Powersmith is offering $250 off on conversions from heating oil to clean-burning, efficient natural gas. Powersmith has been converting Long Island homes for years and saving customers thousands on heating bills.

Benefits of converting your home to Natural Gas:

  • Cost: Natural Gas is 30-40% cheaper than heating oil.
  • Environment: Natural Gas burns cleaner and is more efficient than heating oil.
  • Domestic: Natural Gas is available domestically and reduces dependence on foreign oil.
  • Availability: Natural Gas lines run directly into your home, meaning you won’t have to wait for the oil truck to deliver.

Powersmith makes it easy for Long Island residents to convert to Natural Gas:

  • We offer financing on our conversions so you won’t need to pay anything upfront.
  • Payments are typically lower than what you’ll be saving on gas costs.
  • If you live within 100 feet of an existing line, National Grid will run a line to your house for free.

*Fall Special Promotion must be presented to technician at the time of the estimate to be valid*

$250 Off Natural Gas Conversions!

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Convert from Oil to Gas

$250 Off!


What our customers are saying


They did the assessment of the whole house, and then came back with the infrared and showed me exactly where we were losing energy... You can tell right away that they are really enthused about what they are doing! 

John Simpkins, West Babylon, NY