Progress and Impact

At Powersmith, we vow to be completely transparent and open in all of our business operations. Providing you with accurate information about how we calculate our progress statistics is no exception. Our numbers are a daily reminder of the hard work we have done in the past few years as well as a motivation to continue working hard for the financial wellbeing of our customers and the health of our environment. 

Our Progress: 

Over the past four years, we have completed over 1000 energy efficient home retrofits on Long Island. The majority of our retrofits begin with a comprehensive home energy audit and review of past utility bills, so we have good data on baseline energy usage of the home. After the retrofit work is completed, we re-test to gather new energy usage data and then plot projected monthly savings based on the home's tested performance. Due to the inherent conservatism built into our modeling software, we have a high confidence that our customers are actually saving more then we claim!

The Impact:

Our comprehensive testing both pre-retrofit and post-retrofit allow us to calculate kilowatts of electricity saved by our customers. Using conservative modeling software, the kilowatts saved by our customers after four years of operation is over 5 million.

To calculate the carbon equivalency numbers displayed under "The Impact" we use the US EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

This powerful tool provides us with the carbon equivalencies of our customers' energy savings: trees planted, cars removed from road etc.

If you have any further questions about the scope of our work or would like to get going with a FREE Home Energy Audit, give us a call 631-925-2452

What our customers are saying


From the very first day, the first person I met was absolutely great. He went through the audit with me and what to expect... Everything was done in one day! 

Deneka Alexander, Wyandanch, NY