Air Sealing

Home energy efficiency air sealing insulation

Air Sealing

Air sealing is a great way to save energy and money.

Given the importance of conserving energy, due to families' financial and practical restraints, it would be alarming for many people to know that 21% of energy produced in the United States is burned in order to keep homes warm. And while people may consider that figure to be one that cannot be reduced, reality is that many of the cracks in your home are completely preventable.

While some of the air leaks in your home are visible to the untrained eye — around old and untreated doors and windows, for example — much of the average home's air leakage takes place in areas you don't see. A lot of it takes place because of something called the stack effect, or chimney effect, which works like this: cold air infiltrates your cellar through leaks and cracks in the foundation and walls, and begins rising. It works its way up through the floors and/or walls, then up into your attic through structural defects, holes in your ceiling, recessed lighting, leaky duct work, the furnace flue, the plumbing stack, or a poorly sealed attic floor. By doing air sealing, we are able to reduce the chimney effect, working from the basement to the attic, and increasing efficiency. 

Additionally, air sealing is incredibly important when examining a home's insulation. Insulation will only work properly if the area around it is sound and can keep heat. If the area around one's insulation is blustery and drafty, it negates the impact that having insulation could potentially have. Temperature control — which is the purpose of insulation — goes right out the window (literally) if a house is not adequately sealed.

If you do some serious air sealing work, you can expect to net about $600.00 in annual energy savings. Additionally, because the materials are inexpensive much of the most important work takes place in the attic and basement (where you don't have to worry about fancy trim or replacing drywall), the upfront cost is usually pretty low.

Please note that Powersmith believes strongly in Property Performance Improvement (PPI) and so ONLY provides Air Sealing services as part of a complete home energy audit package. Our goal is to provide you with a more comfortable, healthier home while significantly decreasing your energy bills. A full-service energy audit/retrofit is the only way we can achieve this goal.

FREE retest following our retrofit.

Once our certified technicians retrofit your home with air sealing services, we will retest your home free of charge.

You will see for yourself how much more comfortable each room is, and how less-frequently your heating and cooling equipment turns off and on.

And you will enjoy a lower monthly energy bill for many years to come!

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Client Testimonials


When I open my front door I feel a vacum. I can actually feel that my house is sealed now... I recommend Powersmith to all my family and friends!

Kim Valente, West Babylon, NY


The walls are fully insulated, the ceiling is fully insulated. They just did a really good job! 

Bishop Talbert , Wyandanch, NY