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Home Performance

“Home Performance” refers to the suite of services aimed at improving your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, health and safety, and building durability. Rather than addressing your home’s isolated components — attic insulation, windows, or HVAC equipment, for example — a home performance upgrade looks at each of these components, identifies the upgrades that will provide the greatest impact at the lowest cost, and includes “testing in” and “testing out” to verify the effectiveness of the measures implemented.

The Home Energy Audit:

A Home Performance upgrade with Powersmith begins with our free Home Energy Audit, wherein an experienced and certified home energy specialist will evaluate your home for signs of energy waste. Using an experienced eye combined with high tech diagnostic tools including a blower door and infrared thermal imaging equipment, the audit offers a clear picture of your home’s energy consumption and is an invaluable resource for homeowners interested in improving efficiency, as well as addressing a range of issues ranging from moisture control to combustion equipment safety and more.

What is Involved in a Home Performance Upgrade?

After we talk with you and conduct an energy audit, we’ll review the results with you. It is likely that work will need to be done on your home to seal air leaks, improve insulation and otherwise improve the building materials between the inside and outside of your home. Should that be the case, we will provide you with written estimates for any work that we recommend should be done.

We urgently recommend that you do not hire general contractors to perform this energy-saving work. General contractors do not have the knowledge or skills required to seal and insulate a home properly.

Unlike general contractors, Powersmith is a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified Home Performance  company that specializes in this work. Our Home Energy Specialists are constantly trained to handle the very latest materials and equipment required to keep pace with the ever-developing home energy audit and retrofit industry.

Powersmith believes strongly in Property Performance Improvement (PPI). Consequently, we ONLY provide our energy-saving services as part of a complete home performance package. Our goal is to provide you with a more comfortable, healthier home while significantly decreasing your energy bills. A full-service energy audit/retrofit is the only way we can achieve this goal.

Free “Test Out”

Once our certified technicians retrofit your home as required, we will retest your home free of charge to ensure that all energy savings goals have been achieved. Meanwhile, you will likely see for yourself how much more comfortable each room is, and how less-frequently your heating and cooling equipment turns off and on. And you will enjoy a lower monthly energy bill for many years to come!

Interested in a FREE energy audit for your home? Give us a call at  (631) 647-4701 to schedule yours!

Air Sealing

Air sealing is one of the most cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades you can make to your home. If you are investing in new insulation, make sure to have proper air sealing done in order to achieve the full R-value of the insulation. 

Duct Sealing

Most old – and many new – homes have leaky ductwork, which causes poor airflow. This results in stuffy, uncomfortable rooms and can even expose people and pets to health hazards. Powersmith technicians are trained to identify leaky air ducts and fix them for maximum efficiency and safety. 

Humidity Control

Controlling moisture in a home is vital for your family's comfort and health. Overly moist home environments also lead to quick deterioration of your home's building materials. Our humidity control services substantially improve indoor air quality — leading to a healthier home environment for your family. 

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