Hot Water Heaters

Navian Energy Efficient Hot Water Heater

Hot Water Heaters

Save With a New ENERGY STAR® Water Heater!

We sell and install gas water heaters (including tankless) at affordable prices as part of our complete Residential Energy Management services! 

Consider how much the average home depends upon hot water for washing clothes and dishes, bathing, cooking and – when used with a boiler – heating, and you’ll understand how important performance and energy efficiency is with a water heater.

Fortunately, the Powersmith business model is to help families like yours improve home comfort and health while saving you money.

With an ENERGY STAR® qualified gas storage water heater, you’ll save more than $30 a year over a standard model. That’s about $360 over the lifetime of the heater, and larger families can save even more money.

And an ENERGY STAR® qualified tankless water heater will save more than $100 per year. (These units cut water-heating expenses by about 30%, while also providing continuous hot water delivery.)

ENERGY STAR® water heater benefits include:

Major makes and models sold and installed.Rheem Standalone gas water heater

We work with all the leading water heater manufacturers, and will expertly install the best size and system for your particular home’s needs.

Start saving with an ENERGY STAR® water heater today!

Call us now at  (631) 647-4701 to discuss water heater sales and installation pricing – and how to make your whole house more energy efficient with a comprehensive energy audit.

Client Testimonials


Powersmith did job from the roof to the basement: heating system, hot water, air conditioning, and a fully insulated attic... I am very happy with all the service!

Helen Keller, Greenlawn, NY


The house is much warmer than it was... We haven't needed to put the heat on yet! 

Valerie & Eddie St Bernard, Deer Park, NY