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Save with a New ENERGY STAR® Boiler!

We sell and install boilers at affordable prices as part of our complete Residential Energy Management services!

It you use a boiler rather than a furnace to heat your home, you already enjoy a cleaner, quieter, even more-comfortable home heating solution.

But if your gas or oil heater isn’t ENERGY STAR® qualified, then you are still not up to Powersmith’s success standards – because an ENERGY STAR® boiler uses about 6% less energy than a standard boiler.

An example of this efficiency is the modulating output feature of the boilers we install.  Traditional boilers have two gears, on at their full BTU capacity, or off.  A modulating boiler can run only at the necessary BTUs needed for the home at any particular moment.  This results in increased temperature consistency, comfort, and efficiency of energy use.

ENERGY STAR® boilers have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of at least 85%. In addition to their modulating capability, they also achieve this efficiency by using:

  • Electronic ignition, which eliminates a perpetually burning pilot light
  • New combustion technologies that extract more heat from a given amount of fuel
  • Sealed combustion that uses outside air to fuel the burner – reducing drafts and improving safety

ENERGY STAR® boiler benefits include:

Major makes and models sold and installed.

We work with all the leading boiler manufacturers, and will expertly install the best size and system for your particular home’s needs.

Start saving with an ENERGY STAR® boiler today!

SCAMP certified master plumbersCall us now at  (631) 647-4701 to discuss boiler sales and installation pricing – and how to make your whole house more energy efficient with a comprehensive energy audit.

Client Testimonials


Once the summer came along, we noticed that the air conditioning was coming on no where near as much as it had been before and the house was still staying cool. 

Derrick Campbell, West Babylon, NY


They said they would be in and out in a day and they kept to their word. Everything they told us they were going to do they did... Neat, clean and professional!

Alice Restivo & Dan Kirk - Oil to Gas, Hicksville, NY