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Air Conditioning

Save With a New ENERGY STAR® Central Air Conditioner!

We sell and install air conditioners at affordable prices as part of our complete Residential Energy Management services!

Few systems in your home are as important as your whole-house central air conditioning – especially during Long Island’s hot summer months.

In our area, heating and cooling costs run the average homeowner about $1,000 a year – almost half of the home’s total energy bill. If your current system is more than 12 years old, or you’re installing your first system in your home, let Powersmith help you save with ENERGY STAR®.

After all, the Powersmith business model is to help you improve your home comfort and health while saving you money.

Compared with standard models, an ENERGY STAR® a/c system has higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and Energy Efficiency Ratio (ERR) ratings – making them about 14% more energy efficient than standard models.

ENERGY STAR® air conditioning benefits include:

All makes and models sold and installed.

We work with all the leading air conditioning manufacturers, and will expertly install the best sized, most affordable whole-house system for your particular home’s needs.

Start saving with ENERGY STAR® central air conditioning today!

Call us now at (631) 647-4701 to discuss central a/c sales and installation pricing – and how to make your whole house more energy efficient with a comprehensive energy audit. We are proud to be a BPI accredited contractor. We’ve been an energy Star Partner for years, and we are member of goodstanding with the BBB of Babylon, Long Island.

Knock out high energy prices!

Schedule your home energy audit today!

Client Testimonials


They said they would be in and out in a day and they kept to their word. Everything they told us they were going to do they did... Neat, clean and professional!

Alice Restivo & Dan Kirk - Oil to Gas, Hicksville, NY


The house is much warmer than it was... We haven't needed to put the heat on yet! 

Valerie & Eddie St Bernard, Deer Park, NY

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