Crawlspace Inspections

Crawlspace insulation inspection home energy audit

Crawlspace Inspections

How well are your empty or less-used spaces insulated?

When your basement or crawl spaces are poorly insulated, it can account for up to 50% of your home’s total energy loss.

This tremendous energy loss is, of course, your gas or oil company’s gain as it charges you for all the energy your home consumes to heat and cool the outdoors all year round.

Another waste is the toll this overuse takes on your furnace and air conditioning system, which must start up and turn off and start up incessantly to regulate the ebb and flow of your indoor air temperature and humidity.

That is why Powersmith includes an inspection of these unused or underused – but vitally important – spaces in every one of our home energy audits.

FREE retest following our retrofit.

Once our certified technicians retrofit your crawl spaces and basement with required sealants and insulation, we will retest your home free of charge.

You will see for yourself how much of your energy costs were going from your home’s empty space into outer space.

And you will enjoy a lower monthly energy bill for many years to come!

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Client Testimonials


They care for your house as if it were their own. And the difference? It's like night and day... Definitely a 10 of a 10! It's unlike another other contractor experience I've ever had before. 

Joe & Yvonne Branch, West Babylon, NY


I was rather shocked in the morning, they came with a whole caravan of trucks and a very large tech crew... The whole team worked together very well. And, they did all of this work in one day!

Dr. Philip Stein, Centerport, NY