Switching from Oil to Gas on Long Island: A Sound Investment

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 By POWERSMITH | Published: February 3rd, 2014

If you’re tired of high heating bills and sending your hard-earned money to overseas dictators and oil companies, you’re in luck. Switching from heating oil to natural gas on Long Island has never been easier, and may not even cost you anything upfront.

Natural gas certainly isn’t the silver bullet to all of your energy, comfort and financial woes, but it’s an increasingly attractive home heating option that offers some real benefits for most homeowners.

Why switch from oil to natural gas?

There are quite a few good reasons to convert your heating system from oil to gas:

  • More energy efficient than heating oil
  • 30-40% cheaper than heating oil
  • Safer and more reliable than oil
  • Contributes to energy independence as an abundantly available domestic resource
  • Burns cleaner and is better for the environment
  • More convenient: never wait for fuel to be delivered again

Homeowners across Long Island have been catching on to this for the past few years, which explains why oil to gas conversions have been in such high demand. It works: energy bills are reduced, the inconvenience of waiting for a delivery truck is eliminated, and state-of-the-art, high efficiency gas heating systems are reliable and consistent. This is especially important in a tough winter, like this one, when the last thing you need is to run out of oil and have to wait for the (busy) oil delivery truck to show up.

Financing oil to gas conversions:

Another reason folks on Long Island are jumping on the natural gas bandwagon is that it’s affordable now. At Powersmith, we offer full financing on the majority of our projects, so you don't have to pay a nickle upfront, and since your monthly payments are typically lower than your projected energy savings, you'll actually be saving money every month rather than paying out. It's a good deal.

Is gas available?

If you do not already have natural gas in your home for the conversion, National Grid will run a gas line to you for FREE if you live within 100 feet of an existing gas line. Give them a call at 1-877-696-4743 to find out if your home is eligible!

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