Mini-Splits: Your Solution for Staying Cool this Summer … and Warm next Winter too

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By POWERSMITH | Published: June 4th, 2014

After an excruciatingly long winter on Long Island, we welcome the longer days and warmer temps of June. With the change of seasons comes a new set of challenges for staying comfortable in your home; namely, keeping living spaces cool and reducing indoor humidity levels.

Due to the misnomer, mini-split heat pumps probably don’t strike you as the ideal solution for your summer cooling needs -- yet they certainly are. Let me explain: mini-splits operate by using a small amount of energy to extract heat out of the air (either inside or outside) which is then transferred to a desired area. In the winter, mini-splits will move this warm air into your house, while in the summer, the system reverses direction and moves the hot, humid air to the outside. Pretty ideal, right? We think so too.

Have I seen these before?

Most likely! Many Long Island homeowners and local businesses are making the very sensible choice to either supplement their existing HVAC equipment with or fully switch to mini-splits for all their heating and cooling needs. At Powersmith we’ve been installing mini-splits for several years now and the interest in this exciting technology just keeps growing. It’s not difficult to see why.

What are the benefits?

Mini-split heat pumps offer a multitude of benefits for the homeowner, including:

  • Exceptional efficiency -- up to 30% lower utility bills

  • Quiet operation

  • Dehumidification -- just switch on the Dry Mode

  • Easy and inexpensive installation

  • Customizable climate zones

  • Programmable mode

  • Clean air -- uses high performance air filters

  • Year round performance -- can extract heat out of -30 degree air

Will they work for me? I already have a (fill in the blank) system.

There are many different kinds of Heat Pumps, but the ones most suited for our Long Island climate are air-sourced ductless mini-splits. This setup allows for up to 8 individual wall-mounted units with one central outdoor unit that houses the compressor and fans. Since the heat is transferred by a small 3" diameter conduit, the system can be installed easily and inexpensively in almost any room in your home.

Mini-splits can work as standalone HVAC systems or can supplement your existing HVAC equipment -- allowing your traditional heating and cooling equipment to remain off (saving you oil, gas, or electricity) for a greater portion of the year.

With mini-splits, you no longer have to suffer from excessively hot summer temps inside your home for rely on inefficient AC units and window fans. Beat off the summer heat by investing in an energy efficient mini-split system today and get a head start on your heating needs next fall. It’s a good old-fashioned ‘two birds with one stone’ solution.

If you want to learn more about mini-splits, feel free to give us a call at 631-647-4701.

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