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Our Mission: Do Good for People, Do Good for the Planet, Do Good for Yourself

Powersmith Home Energy Solutions, a Long Island Home Performance and solar panel installation company, was founded by President Dan Kartzman in January 2010. Driven by a mission to fight the energy crisis and built upon on the principles of The Powersmith Standard below, the company has grown into a nationally recognized, award winning, industry leader.  

Powersmith combines a customer-first experience with a scientific data driven approach to determine the best paths forward for each homeowner and their unique needs. Homeowners across Long Island have taken the opportunity to significantly reduce their energy bills by going solar and maximizing their home's efficiency, knowing Powersmith will deliver on it's reputation as the premier residential energy efficiency company on the island. Powersmith is changing lives by helping homeowners improve energy efficiency, comfort, and safety in their homes, all while maintaining outstanding workmanship and customer service.

 The Powersmith Standard

The Powersmith Team promises our customers and our coworkers that we will live up to the following Six Ways of Being:

  1. Uphold Integrity by doing what you say and saying what you do, honoring your word, knowing what is expected of you and doing it, and owning and handling all commitments.
  2. Always be in communication.
  3. Honor the Five P's: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.
  4. Give others the benefit of the doubt.
  5. Work smarter.
  6. Maintain alignment throughout the company to the mission, the Powersmith Standard, and our clients.

Services Offered

Powersmith offers a wide range of services aimed at accomplishing the goal of residential energy efficiency. We believe in the “whole house” approach to building performance, which means that we look at your entire home as a system in order to identify the most cost-effective improvements necessary. Our services include: 

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What our customers are saying


They said they would be in and out in a day and they kept to their word. Everything they told us they were going to do they did... Neat, clean and professional!

Alice Restivo & Dan Kirk - Oil to Gas, Hicksville, NY