Blower Door Testing

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Blower Door Testing

Test your “sealed” doors and windows with our specialized blower door.

You may think your home is air tight, but our blower door test will determine scientifically whether it is adequately sealed.

We begin this test by attaching a temporary cover over your front door’s exterior frame. This cover includes a variable-speed fan, air pressure gauges and an airflow manometer.

When we start the fan, the calibrated gauges and manometer precisely measure how much indoor air the fan can pull out. The more air, the more wasteful your home’s “envelope” is. (Some air leakage is required to avoid condensation and stale, contaminated air, but we know these parameters.)

FREE retest following our retrofit.

Once our certified technicians retrofit your home with required sealants and patches to eliminate unwanted airflow, we will conduct another blower door test free of charge.

Our gauges will demonstrate the wastefulness “before” and the energy efficiency  “after.”

And for many years to come, you will be blown away by a lower monthly energy bill!

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Client Testimonials


To the intial assessment to the work, these guys are professional... Overall, if I had another house I would have Powersmith come do work. 

Craig Braswell, West Babylon, NY


They did the assessment of the whole house, and then came back with the infrared and showed me exactly where we were losing energy... You can tell right away that they are really enthused about what they are doing! 

John Simpkins, West Babylon, NY